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(1). You’re requested to go through the below links to get aware of our programs and activities.

(2). You have to record a video of your own with duration of 3-5min. which covers the following points

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Points to be covred in Video (Click to Expand)

a). How do you find yourself fit for this job/ what makes you different from other candidates?

b). What suitable post you’re expecting? Why?

c). What would be your work location? Why? (eg, if you are settled or have social influence etc)

d). Based on your insights into what service you can help to expand? ( refer above services)

e). What time would it take you to cover your location (i.e. panchayat, District)

f). What marketing strategy you’re going to use to generate leads and sales?

g). What would be your lead to the sales conversation ratio? (i.e. if 100 lead / 10 sales)

h). What would be your business/ sale output per month? ( min and max)

i). Upload a 3-5 min video: Points to be covered – (preferable language – English but you’re allowed to use any language)

ii).   Introduction

iii).  Presently working status and if working what company?

iv). All previous job experience?

v). How much confident you’re about our product and services?

We suggest to go through our url to know more about our initiatives (Click to Expand)

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Education Services

YKPP – //
Door Step Educator – //
EasyExam- //
Job calldoorstep – //
Wizdomkids -//

Web Development

Empower villages

MyModelVillage – //
Future farming – //
Business Centre cum Service Centre – //

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